Happi Hairclip Doll

Looking for an adorable way to organize all your little girls hair clips? Look no further the Happi Hairclip Doll is your answer. These Happi Hairclip Doll’s feature long braids that allow you to attach all the little hairclips, bows and bands. They also make a fun doll for your[...]


Garden Tool Pens

So your stuck at work but you would rather be home in the yard gardening, well maybe these Gardening Pens will help take the edge off. Hmmm or make it worse, but either way they are pretty cool. I love to garden and I think this Garden Tool Set would[...]


What a Hoot Owl Apron

OMG how adorable is this Owl Apron? Any cook in the kitchen can rock this apron don’t ya think? I know I can. I have been looking for a new apron for the longest time, but most of them are fuddy duddy – I am head over heals n love[...]

Gumball Machine Fishbowl

Gumball Machine Fishbowl

Looking for a cool unique way to display your Goldfish or Beta Fish? Look no further because this Gumball Machine Fishbowl is Da Bomb!! Here are some more Deets: A fishbowl that looks like a gumball machine! A quirky and alternative home for your fish! Gumballs don’t come out of[...]


Pass the Gas Fart Game

Move over Hot Potato and make room for the new game in town called The Pass the Gas Fart Game. This is going to be much more fun for sure. Whoever Smells It, Did In Fact, Deal It. Whatever you do, do not be the one who gets farted on![...]


Pimp Chew Toy

Pimp out your dog by letting them play with this Pimp Chew Toy which will make them look as though they have a full set of shiny gold teeth in their mouth. Your pup will be the pimp daddy of the neighborhood !