Hello Barbie – The Interactive Talking Barbie Doll

Hello Barbie Talking Doll

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Hello Barbie – The Interactive Talking Barbie Doll

We have all talked to our Barbie Dolls while playing, but now with new technology and the Hello Barbie she can now talk back.

The new “Hello Barbie” is a Wi-Fi-connected doll that listens to your child, replies based on what they’ve said and learns about their interests over time, just like a real friend would.

While I think this new Barbie is pretty cool and a doll that Mattel says kids have been asking for it does have some people and privacy groups worried. Mattel says it won’t use the doll, or the data, for marketing purposes, which is good to know.

I think girls are really going to love his new Barbie and it will be on a lot of Christmas Lists this year for sure.

Here are some Official Deets:

  • Chat with Barbie for a whole new way to play!
  • Hello Barbie doll uses WiFi and speech recognition technology to engage in two-way dialogue!
  • Use is simple with functionality built into her belt buckle — press to start the conversation and release to hear Hello Barbie doll respond
  • Just like a real friend, Hello Barbie doll listens and adapts to the user’s likes and dislikes.
  • More than 8,000 lines of recorded content means countless hours of fun!

Hello Barbie doll can interact uniquely with each child by holding conversations, playing games, sharing stories and even telling jokes! It’s a whole new way to interact with Barbie. She’s ready to discuss anything in an outfit that blends trendy and techie for a cool look. Use is simple after set up — push the doll’s belt buckle to start a conversation, and release to hear her respond. More than 8,000 lines of recorded content means countless hours of fun! Just like a real friend, Hello Barbie doll listens and remembers the user’s likes and dislikes, giving everyone their own unique experience. To get started, download the Hello Barbie companion app to your own smart device from your device’s app store (not included).

Parents must also set up a ToyTalk account and connect the doll to use the conversational features. Hello Barbie doll can remember up to three different WiFi locations and does not require a smart device after WiFi configuration. Hello Barbie doll is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 4th generation, IPad mini 2, iPad mini 3; must have iOS 8 or above. Android mobile devices must have Android OS 4.0.3 or above. Use of Hello Barbie involves recording of voice data; see ToyTalk’s privacy policy at http://www.toytalk.com/hellobarbie/privacy. Hello Barbie doll comes with a doll stand that doubles as a charging station for rechargeable batteries. Colors and decorations may vary.

Take a look at Hello Barbie in Action:

Hello Barbie Interactive
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