Plush Talking Tom Cat – Repeats what you say and more

Talking Tom Cat Plush

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Plush Talking Tom Cat – Repeats what you say and more

You know that Talking Tom Cat App on your phone – you know the one you talk to and it repeats everything back in its funny voice? Well now you can do the same thing with the Plush Talking Tom Cat.

I know I spent hours having it repeat lots of things while giggling like a psycho to myself. It’s cute and fun and the Talking Tom Cat Plush is probably no different.

Here are some Official Deets:

Hot from the success of the iphone and andriod app, Talking Tom now has his own plush range.

16-inch Animated Plush of Talking Tom , press its paw and tummy to hear sounds from the app. Speak to Tom and he will speak back to you – just like the game! Watch his mouth moves when he speaks!

Additional features:

– Red light indicates when to talk
– Plays back your message in his signature voice
– Touch sensors on his forehead and tummy
– Includes 14 sounds from the app


See Talking Tom in action:

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